Weaving Echoes

"Weaving Echoes" stands for two forms of relationship: The first is very direct and brings (content-related) threads together. The second refers incompletely to something that has taken place. In the exhibition, both relationships are present, to be seen and heard. In the museum space the artists interweave their own individual positions, which they have developed in recent years, with those of their colleagues, and lay associative links towards the environment and the city of Bremen. "Weaving Echoes"* reflects the versatility and also the fundamentally cooperative attitude of these young artists in Bremen. The exhibition at the Gerhard-Marcks-Haus is a joint project of ten Meisterschule students of the HFK-Bremen and the museum.

with the support of

Design and concept

Daryna Demianchuk and Liudmila Savelyeva


Antonio Hofmeister Ribeiro